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      Welcome to HCFS
      Approved by Hunan Provincial Government and registered at the State Ministry of Education, Hunan College of Foreign Studies (HCFS) is a full-time college of higher learning with 6 subsidiary schools and departments, namely International Division, English Department, Multi-language Department, Department of Foreign Economics & Management, School of Nursing and Center of Continuing Education. There are 26 specialties offered for above 8000 on-campus students. HCFS stands out as the only independent full-time college specialized in foreign languages in the central south of China.
    Adhering to the educational philosophy of “Management by Experts and Education by Masters”, the college has inhaled in 56 foreign instructors from 11 different countries and a strong team of scholars with overseas learning experience. Upholding the school slogan “Let’s go to the world from here”, the college has established cooperative educational relationship with Lorain County Community College in America, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universidad Publica de Navarra in Spain, Algoma University in Canada, Universidad de Buenos Aires of Argentina, Universidad de Bernardo O’Higgins in Chile, Universidade Estadual Paulista in Brazil etc., which opens up a thoroughfare for international exchange programs, as students’ overseas study, summer work & travel in foreign countries, overseas summer or winter camps, international training etc.
    To upgrade the competitiveness in the future career of the students, the college advocates the policy of combination of “language skills + professional skills + comprehensive skills”, helping every student with his professional scheme for his future development so as to enable him to possess professional knowledge as well as practical ability. In the recent consecutive years, the employment status of the graduates has witnessed a steady ascending trend, and the employment rate reaches as high as a 95%, for which the college has earned the glory of the title “Excellent Unit in Employment for Graduates in Schools of Higher Learning in Hunan Province”.
    The college is situated in Yuhua District of Changsha, enjoying desirable traffic convenience, with two trunk roads (Xiang-fu & Zhongyi Road) running around and the municipal Southern Long-distance Bus Station and the High-speed Railway Station in close vicinity. The new campus, located in Wangcheng District of Changsha, shall be built into a digitized, ecologized & internationalized modern university.
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