Notice to Foreign Teachers Working at Hunan College of Foreign Studies
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Notice to Foreign Teachers Working at Hunan College of Foreign Studies

Foreign teachers are an important part of the teaching stuff of Hunan College of Foreign Studies (Here referred to HCFS). In order to facilitate the work of the foreign teachers and let them play their important role in their teaching and have a nice and safe stay, a formal notice is hereby given as follows.

Section A – Behaviour Rules

1. Foreign teachers in HCFS are required to fully observe the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China as well as the regulations of HCFS, and respect Chinese social system.

2. Foreign teachers’ religious beliefs will be highly respected in China. Breaching and organizing any religious activities in China will not be accepted. Distribution of the sensitive political materials and questionnaires will be also prohibited.

3. Foreign teachers shall respect China’s culture and customs. Gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse and prostitution are prohibited. Degenerated values, unhealthy lifestyles and decayed cultural attitudes which might affect students and teachers in HCFS are not accepted.

4. In order to establish the non-smoke campus in HCFS, foreign teachers shall not smoke inside the campus.

Section B – Security Rules

5. If foreign teachers leave the workplace during the summer and winter holiday, they shall report to the International Office in advance, telling their travelling itineraries and mobile phone numbers in case of emergency. When returning to Changsha from abroad or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, foreign teachers shall register at the local Police Station within 24 hours and get the temporary residency certificate there.

6 Foreign teachers must carry valid identity documents with them. If such identity documents are being updated, the foreign teachers shall take the receipt from the police station with a copy of their passports or foreign expert certificates.

7. In case of an accident, robbery, sudden illness or other unexpected incidents, foreign teachers shall immediately dial to police station and tell the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the department they are working for to get help. (Telephone number: Police Station:110; Fire Police Station:119; Emergency Rescue: 120)

Section C - Teaching Rules

8. Foreign teachers are required to comply with the Chinese educational system and the teaching schedules in HCFS. They are required to lay down the written teaching plan beforehand and not to change them at will.

9. Foreign teachers shall observe the teaching disciplines, teach classes on time and shall not be late and leave early. It is not permitted to suspend and switch classes without the permission from the teaching department.

10. Foreign teachers are expected to use polite language and dress appropriately. They are not allowed to wear vests, miniskirts and slippers in class.

11. Foreign teachers are encouraged to participate in the teaching research activities and students’ extra-curricular activities.

12. Foreign teachers are required to give students examinations of the course they are teaching by the end of each semester, and submit exam results to the teaching management system with the help of the coordinators, then hand in the result list with signature to their department offices in duplicate.

13.According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the Peoples Republic of China: participating in the following activities can be considered as illegal and foreigners who work in China illegally shall be fined for ¥ 5,000-20,000, such as moonlighting, taking a part-time job, taking parting in business activities. If it is serious, they shall be detained for 5-15 days. For this reason, foreign teachers in HCFS should not take part in such activities.

14. In case of illness or personal affairs, foreign teachers can ask for leave when their requests have been approved by the school after they send their written request to the teaching departments and the International Affairs Office in advance. Foreign teachers shall make up for the missing classes later. In case of emergency, foreign teachers shall contact the teaching departments and present the request in details afterwards (or the professional diagnosis certificate from the doctor).  

15. Foreign teachers shall enjoy the Summer & Winter holidays, Chinese legal holidays, as well as some special holidays such as Christmas day, Kurban Bayrann etc. They shall return to school 3-5 days before the beginning of the new semester.


16. HCFS provides a big office for foreign teachers in the teaching building together with some necessary facilities. Foreign teachers are required to take a good care of the facilities which are just used by foreign teachers only. The foreign teachers will be on duty in turns and keep the office tidy and clean. The International Exchange & Cooperation Department will check the office monthly.

Section D – Apartment Rules

17. Foreign teachers are usually required to live in the apartments rented by the college.

18. Foreign teachers are usually expected to take good care of the facilities and keep the rooms neat and clean. Any changes of the color of the walls or the structure of the apartments are not permitted. Any costs incurred by the damage of the property shall be born by the foreign teachers.

19. Foreign teachers are expected to observe the property management regulations and support the security work of the property management centre.

20. Strangers and students may not stay overnight in foreign teachers’ residence.

21.  Foreign teachers shall not take inflammable or explosive items into the apartment building to prevent accidents.

22. Foreign teachers will take the safety into consideration when using electricity and gas. They will turn off the electricity and gas and lock the doors and windows when leaving the apartments. In case of a short circuit, gas leak or robbery, foreign teachers shall immediately get in touch both with the International Office and their cooperative teachers.


23. When the contract expires or the accommodation changes, foreign teachers shall keep the rooms and furniture the same as they first moved in. Return the keys to the International Affairs Office after the apartment is checked by the people concerned.

24. Foreign teachers are expected to love the college, care for the students, and get along well with all of the staff. It is warmly welcome for any advice and suggestions on teaching and management from foreign teachers. And the college hopes to provide an  enjoyable environment for foreign teachers.

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