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Common Sense Applications for Fire, Safety and Security



Common Sense for Fire Safety



Basic Methods of Self-help in Fire Accident

1、 火灾初起时,除立即报警积极扑救外应设法疏散物资,尤其是贵重物资和易燃易爆物品。但当火势猛烈确已无法抢救时,则不得再犹豫,应迅速离开火场。免遭围困和伤亡。

Anyone who discovers a fire should immediately report to the police the precise location of the fire. Then they should make plans for materials evacuation, especially valuable materials, inflammable and explosive goods.

If the fire is out of control or cannot be easily extinguished they should immediately leave the site to avoid getting trapped, wounded or killed.

2、 初起火一般很小,居住者不要只顾自行灭火,而要迅速报警。因为报警迟而酿成大火灾。

If the fire is small the inhabitants should not only extinguish the fire but also report to the police station to prevent the fire from getting worse.

3、 人员从起火房间撤离后,要立即关闭起火房间的门。

After evacuating from the room where the fire started the person should close the room doors where the fire started.

4、 在着火期间不要重返房间。

Do not return to the room during any period of the time where there is still a fire.


Ways of escaping a burning building.

1、 逃离后要随手关门。

Shut the doors to the room when you leave.

2、 地面爬行,避免烟雾中的一氧化碳中毒。

If necessary, keep close to the ground when leaving to avoid the smoke’s carbon monoxide poisoning.

3、 利用防毒面具或湿毛巾捂住口和鼻。

Cover your nose and mouth with protective masks, canister respirators or wet towels.

4、 自制救生绳索,不到万不得已,切勿跳楼。

Self-made lifesaving rope should be available. “Never” jump from any burning building unless absolutely no other option is available.

5、 利用自然条件,作为救生滑道。

Make use of natural conditions for escaping. 

6、 不要乘坐电梯。

Never take the elevator if there is a fire in the same building.

7、 选择疏散楼梯。外教的公寓每栋至少有3个单元,下层失火可往天台或者其他单元口下楼逃生

For the evacuation,there are at least 3 units in each of foreign teachers building, one should climb to the rooftop and go downstairs from the other units if there is a fire disaster below their residence (in Foreign Teachers’ Flats, the doors of the rooftop are connected).


Basic Method of Extinguishing Fire




Use the extinguisher to spray over combustible objects to lower the temperature below the “spontaneous ignition point” which is the point for when fires start.


Smothering Method


This technique can be used to prevent air from coming into the combustion area. Without oxygen (from air) a fire cannot continue and will be extinguished.


Isolating Methods


Isolate the combustibles or evacuate the combustibles for putting out the fire.




Spray the chemicals from the extinguisher into the combustion area in order to stop the fire from growing.


Tips for fire safety


Safe evacuation in case of emergency


To know where the nearest fire extinguisher is and the fire emergency telephone is 119.


To dial emergency fire tel.: 119

To use the fire extinguisher correctly.

To put out a new fire for saving life or property.

To timely help with removing the general obstacles. 


1、 直接拨打火警电话119报警

To directly dial fire alarm number: 119

2、 讲清发生火灾的单位或个人详细地址

To state the precise location and/or individual address where the fire started.

3、 讲清起火物

To describe accurately what caused the fire.

4、 讲清火势

To describe accurately the fire’s present situation.

5、 讲清报警人姓名及所用电话号码

To give the policeman your name and telephone number.  

6、 报警后要派专人到主要路口接应消防车

After reporting to the policeman you should appoint a person to find the fire engines on the main road.


The ways of using Fire Extinguishers


When a fire occurs the person should carry the fire extinguisher to the fire location with one hand holding the nozzle. Firstly, you should pull the pin at the end of the handle, and then hold the bottom of the extinguisher with one hand and with the other hand pressing hard on the handle to eject the extinguishing chemicals from the fire extinguisher for suppressing the fire.



Common Sense for Security and Safety


Protection against burglars


How to protect against burglars indoor?

Close and lock all your doors before sleeping or going outside.

Don’t keep too much cash at home.

To prevent thefts, valuables and clothes should be put as far way as possible from the window.


Protection against vehicle theft

Park the vehicle in the park area under guarding.

Install the burglar alarm.


When you go to the bank to deposit or withdraw a large amount of money, you should be accompanied with a capable man who is your trusted, good friend.

While inputting your bank account code you should pay attention to the people around to ensure that nobody else can see the code.

Dont randomly tear up and toss away any paper documents you receive at the bank.


Prevention against robbery


a. Always walk along the pavement/sidewalk if available.

b. Take a roundabout way when you meet at a bridge or any other path and/or location that have dim lighting.

c. If you encounter people with ill intentions, please immediately dial this police telephone number: 110.

d. Don’t try to fight or struggle with criminals as your personal safety is the highest priority but remember their physical and facial feature.


Common sense protection to avoid being scammed.


Please report to the police if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

a. Strangers want to chat with you and use foreign currency to exchange with your RMB.

b. Someone wants to share with you the money they pick up or something valuable in front of you.

c. Somebody who wants to sell advanced technology products for an extremely low price without any permission and/or approval certificates.

Please bear in mind that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so stay cautiously and to phone the police station is the first thing you should do.


Please refuse replying any requested information from any calls or messages as followed:

a. Informing you that you won the lottery.

b. Calling to help you get car tax rebate.

c. You overdrew your credit card.

d. Repeated calls that nobody answers when you are called.







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