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Highlights of College Sports Meet
Source: HCFS | Date:2013/4/25

It was a sunny day, clear and cloudless, for the annual sport meet of the college this year. Everyone began to gather at the sports field to start the sport event. There were cheers, applause and even some laughter as the athletes arrived, geared up and competed. We can all be proud of the numerous athletes: students, Chinese teachers and foreign teachers that participated in the games. Many walked away as first, second and third place winners. Still all competed together and showed ‘true’ sportsmanship. Faculty members participated in the fun games in a variety of events. We are impressed by their athletic abilities and skills and thankful for their participation. We are all winners on this day. The preparation, exercise, competition, cooperation, unity and enjoyment are all evidence of the team spirit of Hunan college of Foreign Studies.

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